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Final Preparation before sit for Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I (1Z0-051)

Discussion in 'Training and Certification' started by fahad08, Nov 5, 2013.

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    Chittagong, Bangladesh
    I have completed a course on Oracle Database 10g: SQL Fundamentals I. Now its time to sit for certification exam 1Z0-051 which is on Oracle Database 11g. So, let me know the basic difference between 10g with 11g fundamentals 1 and the extra topics i have to read/practice further than 10g.
    I also think it is far different from Oracle Database SQL Expert (1Z0-047) as i already have faced some dumps of (1Z0-047).
    What will help most in that final hours as i decided to take the exam on 20-25th instant.
    Any Books/PDF/Online reference will be a bonus for me if provided by you without oracle resources!

    Thanks all in advance. :)