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Few questions :

Discussion in 'Oracle Financials' started by soumya.parhi, May 5, 2013.

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    Q1. Why its mandatory to do accounting , before running Mass Additions process ?
    Q2. How system understand the Mass Allocation process ? (Not the formula A*B/C)
    Q3. You have 2 currency , i.e. USD (Functional Currency), GBP (Secondary Currency). One fine day you got a genuine invoice of AUD. You have advised the client to enable AUD and define the corporate between AUD and USD and create the invoice. Client went ahead and done that and accounted. Now how you are going to pay it ?
    Q4. What is the significance of Date Placed in Service ? Can we change the Date Placed in Service for an Asset ?
    Q5. I have wrongly capitalized an Asset in the Month of MAY, but actually the Asset start working from JUN . How this can be handled in system ?
    Q6. What is the significance of CVR (Cross Validation Rules) ? Almost all the accounts in R12 got generated automatically and in GL if there is an adjustment then its done by Accountant , who is aware of the Accounts pretty well.
    Q7. Have you ever seen a Daily Depreciation ? Example of such industry / scenario.
    Q8. What is the significance of Source and Category when the journal reflects in GL ?
    Q9. I have an Asset Book, I want to achieve 2 different depreciation method for a similar type of asset , say if I add the asset from JAN-JUN the rate must be 10 % and if its between JUL-DEC the rate must be 20%. How will it be possible ?