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Extracting data from GL schema in Oracle Financials

Discussion in 'Oracle Financials' started by jstinnett, May 16, 2012.

  1. jstinnett

    jstinnett Guest

    I have a few philosphical questions about extracting data out of Oracle Financials, specifically GL.

    1. Is there an Oracle sanctioned set of outbound APIs or Staging areas that are recommended by Oracle for extracting GL data?
    2. Is it recommended to extract data straight out of the GL schema (e.g. GL_JE_HEADERS, GL_JE_LINES) in Oracle via an ETL process. If not what is the recommended ETL strategy?
    3. If it is ok to extract from the GL schema, what must I be aware of? For example, if extracting from the GL schema be aware that the data is always in flux, meaning unposted to posted etc.
    4. Currently I have created a stored proc that extracts data out of GL where last_update_date > mylastdate and I insert into a staging table in my own external schema. I then use Informatica to extract from this staging table. Is this how most people extract data or do they hit the "GL_JE_" tables directly.
    5. Are there any Oracle licensing issues with extracting data from the GL schema?
    6. Does the R12 upgrade change any of the tables in the GL schema? We're on R11 and I'm wondering if my code will break when we upgrade.