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Export and Import tables from oracle database by using oracle developer form 6i

Discussion in 'Oracle Forms and Reports' started by BILLAL HUSSAIN, Jan 26, 2009.


    BILLAL HUSSAIN Active Member

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    i want to export and import tables from oracle database 8i, by using oracle developer form 6i. i think it may be posible by DDL but i do n't know it's coding.

    i like to press a push button for exporting/importing.

    please reply me.

    thank you
  2. tyro

    tyro Forum Genius

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    Hi BILLAL, let me first explain what i understand.

    1. You are developing a form using form developer 6i
    2. You want that you have a button on the form that can be used to export the current records in your form to an excel file.

    Am I correct in my understanding? If yes then you will have to use something called the webutil utility. Since you are using forms 6i, you will have to use a version of webutil available for forms 6i that is called d2kwutil

    If however i got you wrong and all you want to do is export tables from your database/schema and import it somewhere else, you need to use the import/export feature of oracle. This thread http://www.club-oracle.com/forums/f11/copy-entire-schema-from-one-database-to-another-t232/ may give you some hints in that case.

    hope this helps. :)