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Error in creating and publishing Performance Management Plan (R12.0)

Discussion in 'Oracle HRMS & Payroll' started by nukhyder, Dec 19, 2013.

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    Urgent Help/guidance is required to resolve the following issue related to Performance Management Plan (Oracle Performance/Talent Management system) R21.0,

    We created a Performance Management Plan (PMP) for the performance appraisal of employees for the year 2013 (for the period from 01-Jan-2013 to 31-Dec-2013) with the following date values,

    Current System Date is 18-Dec-2013
    Plan Start Date: 01-Jan-2013
    Plan End Date : 31-Jan-2014
    Include Objective Setting in Process: Start Date: 01-Jan-2013
    End Date: 17-Dec-2013

    Attached two Appraisal Templates with the following dates
    Period Start Date: 18-Dec-2013
    Period end Date : 31-Jan-2014
    Task Start Date: 18-Dec-2013
    Task End Date: 31-Jan-2014

    After selection of option to publish Performance Management Plan, system displays message “Your request to Publish a Performance Management Plan has been submitted” but Mass Appraisal Creation Request with id 645425 shows an error. Screen shots of all steps followed to create and publish Performance Management Plan (PMP Exceptions.doc) is also attached herewith for the ready reference.


    Nahidullah Khan

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