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Error during requisition submission in iProcurement

Discussion in 'Oracle SCM & Manufacturing' started by tejashpatel, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. tejashpatel

    tejashpatel Guest

    Hi, I get the following error in iProc. while submitting a requisition. "An error has occurred in building your approver list. Please contact your system administrator." with the Requisition status as 'In Process" and "Incomplete" from time to time. I tried the below steps:
    Tried to submit a requisition for appproval with thick client. Status: Incomplete
    Tried to submit a requisition for appproval with thin client. Status: In Process
    1. Created User and assigned job code, supervisor responsibilities
    2. Created Approval Group.
    3. Copied job code and pasted in Approval Assignments
    4. Selected document type as 'Approve Purchase Requisitions'
    5. Pasted Group in Approval Group

    I also get the message "PO Requisition Approval No approver found for Purchase Requisition 14427 14-Sep-2011" in my Worklist
    please assist.
  2. robin

    robin Forum Advisor

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    Perhaps the PO Requisition exceeded the amount you assigned for the job.