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ERP Upgradation

Discussion in 'System Administration & Application DBA' started by vamsioracle, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. vamsioracle

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    Hi All,

    We are going an upgrade at one of our client sites and I was asked to produce an RFP for that. I am a technical consultant with knowledge in all the tools. Need help on how to go about it.

    Some of the basic questions are: How to

    • Upgrade Oracle RDBMS from 9i to 11g
    • Upgrade E-Business Suite to Release 12 with the current configuration from 11.5.9
    • Upgrade customised reports to latest Developer and Discoverer or BI Publisher
    • Configure E-Business Suite for new functionality that may replace customisations
    • Configure the E-business for critical requirements
    • Implement E-Business at Hot Site
    • Implement data replication for the Hot Site

    So, i need to answer how to do above with detailed steps. Where can i get these.

    Please help

  2. Sadik

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    Hey Vamsi,

    You do realize that there are no one solution fits all answers to either of the above questions. Each of the points you mention need detailed current state analysis . For the most part you need a detailed understanding of your current database and applications configuration, customizations, feature needs etc. Moreover you need to know what new features the new versions will provide.

    Starting points may be:

    For technical changes:

    Oracle Applications Concepts - R12

    Note: 433111.1 - Release 12 File System Changes : R12 Vs 11i

    For functional changes, please refer to:

    Note: 404152.1 - E-Business Suite Release 12: Release Content Documents

    Note: 561580.1 - E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1: Release Content Documents

    Release 12.0.4 Documentation Library
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