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Duplicate invoice line numbers are creating for AGIS transactions

Discussion in 'Oracle Financials' started by kartheekbk, Dec 2, 2014.

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    Hi Forum,

    one of my users created AGIS batch transaction and it is approved. the invoice has been accounted in AR also.
    But it was failed in AP.
    when checking the invoice interface tables, it is showing that duplicate line numbers are exists.
    in front end also, duplicate invoice lines are created .

    Could any one tell me how it is happening ? since the batch was successfully compleated in AGIS and accounted in AR.

    I have checked in Oracle portal, they have given the below update,

    When Create Intercompany AP invoice program is run the data is populate in ap_invoice_lines_interface with 1 line for item and 1 line for Freight.
    So when 'Payable Open Interface Import Program' is run, line number is reassigned and an extra line number is again created for the freight.
    Thus ending the program with error "Duplicate line number"

    but in my case, I don't have any line items type called FREIGHT..all having ITEM only.

    refer: https://support.oracle.com/epmos/fa...56&id=1327500.1&_adf.ctrl-state=cxp3gvh14_198
    document no. 1327500.1

    Kartheek B