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DreamCoder for Oracle 5.0 Available for download

Discussion in 'External Resources / Market Place' started by jeshvan, Apr 29, 2010.

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    Mentat Technologies is happy to announce the new version of DreamCoder for Oracle version 5.0, a powerful oracle database tool for administration and development.

    This newest version of DreamCoder for Oracle combines many IDE performance and usability innovation enhancements, code readability and code editing improves.

    The new enhancements now available in DreamCoder for Oracle 5.0 help to make Oracle development faster, easier and more efficient.

    IDE Performance:

    * Scripts execution without editor blocking.
    * SQL execution without editor blocking.
    * Stop query execution option.
    * Allow to execute many SQL's at the same time in different editors.
    * New display records option in the data grid.

    IDE Usability:

    * Improved editor alias support.
    * Fixed auto replace option.
    * Auto synchronize SQL tree option.
    * Auto complete editor columns sort.
    * New columns sort for creation data.
    * New keys and constrains display option.
    * Enhanced PL/SQL Syntax Tree light.
    * Allow to enable mark option in the SQL editor.
    * New Highlighting reserved words.

    New Features and Bug Fixes:

    * New unix format to save file.
    * Redesign script error window.
    * Many enhanced in the Query Builder.
    * Many object navigator errors fixed.
    * Fixed some problems with the editor code formmating.
    * Fixed export wizard from Object navigator tree.
    * Fixed import wizard from Object navigator tree.
    * Fixed problems in the search object option.
    * Mark line error on SHIFT + ENTER bug fixed.
    * Mark line error on selected statement bug fixed.*
    * SQL Editor status bar size fixed.
    * SQL editor status bar new messages.
    * Memory leak with executing prepared statements fixed.
    * Bug with XMLType parameters fixed.
    * Bug with comparing Date field values on optimistic locking fixed.

    * Other small improvements and bug fixed.

    You can download DreamCoder for Oracle at: