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doubt regarding Oracle ERP and Oracle E-business suite

Discussion in 'General' started by Vijay.j, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Vijay.j

    Vijay.j Guest

    Hi, the link providing the answer for oracle E-Business Suite was very helpful, thank U so much for that. Now i have a doubt regarding

    1. Oracle ERP and Oracle E-business suite, is E-suite a part of Oracle ERP??
    2. Oracle Functional Consultant and Oracle Apps Consultant, Functional side: would it mean that he is more into the advisory side with llittle focus on code development??
    Please enlighten me on the above...
  2. apps_expert

    apps_expert Forum Expert

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    Chennai, India
    well E-Business Suite is the name of Oracle's ERP software.
    well oracle applications (apps) e-business suite consists of several modules (each module is for a different business process). So an oracle apps functional consultant is someone who has good knowledge of what features and functionalities are available in the module which he is an expert. So he kind of tries to map a comapany's business process to the available module so that each function can be carried out in oracle apps. he wouldn't be much into technical development if he is a pure functional consultant.