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Documents Section Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'Documents Section Discussions' started by Sadik, Jul 13, 2011.

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    Please read the solutions to common problems carefully before starting a new thread about whatever issue you face.

    1. I am unable to Download a Document

    Different Member Levels have different Quota of Documents they can download. If you just signed up, and if you did not upload a "useful" document, you can download at most 2 Documents in one day.

    After you download 2 Documents, and if you still did not upload a useful document, then you must come back the next day to download 2 more.

    If you are a New Member and If you uploaded at least one useful Document with us in the Documents Section, you can then download at most 10 Documents in one day.

    Some people mistakenly upload in new Forum Threads and then complain that they still cannot download more than 2. Please go to the Documents Section and then upload a "useful" document.

    2. I cannot download more files

    To conserve extremely costly bandwidth we have placed a restriction of 2 files download per person per day for New Members without uploads and 10 files download per person per day for New Members who have uploaded at least one useful Document.

    This is not out of choice but compulsion. Since you can also view the embedded document in the Scribd viewer, choose your downloads carefully and if you exceed the daily download quota, come back the next day.

    However we recommend that you participate regularly at Club-Oracle to win points by helping others, posting in forums, uploading documents, writing articles etc. You will gain recognition points and be promoted to "Advisor", then "Expert", then "Genius" and then "Guru" levels. With each level you gain, your download Quota increases until you can download unlimited files if you reach the "Guru" level. The Download limits for each usergroup are as follows:


    To know more about the Club-Oracle Recognition Point System, please read this: http://www.club-oracle.com/forums/club-oracle-member-recognition-program-t3105/

    3. What is a "useful" Document?

    A "useful" document is any oracle related document which is reusable by the community and which is not forbidden to be shared by it's creator/copyright holder.

    When we say "reusable", it means that it should contain some information, tips, tricks, practical advice on the hundreds of topics related to Oracle technologies from which someone can learn or make a reference to in their own projects.

    4. I could download for a while but cannot download any more.

    Please go to your profile page and in the "About Me" tab, under "Statistics", check how many "Document Uploads" you have. It shows like this:


    As in the picture above if it shows, Document Uploads: 0, it means that there is no Document Upload in your account. If you had uploaded a document and still it shows Zero, it means that in our routine reviews, the document was found to not meet our Quality guidelines and was removed. If your document is removed, it again means that you have Zero upload. If you have Zero Uploads you can only download 2 files per day. You need to upload at least one useful Document to be able to download more than 2 files (and upto 10 files).

    4. Why is my document unapproved/deleted?

    Your document can be unapproved and subsequently deleted because of three reasons:
    1. It was found to not meet the "useful" definition as stated above.
    2. It was already posted here by someone else. Unfortunately we cannot allow multiple copies of the same document. We routinely check for duplicates and delete the document uploaded later.
    3. It is a copyrighted document which is forbidden to be shared by it's creator(s)
    Please note that official Oracle User Guides and Implementation guides will be removed as per policy. This is because these are freely available for download from Oracle's Documentation site.

    6. I receive a "Security Token Invalid" error.

    This is a standard error you will get if your logged in session times out. To resolve just refresh the page and attempt to download again. If you still get the same error, clear your browser's cookies and login again and try to download again. This would most certainly resolve the issue.

    7. I have uploaded a "useful" doc and still I can't download

    Sometimes Download Accelerators like DAP create a problem. Please disable your Download manager or try an alternate browser like Google Chrome.
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