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Displaying a Static List as a Checkbox

Discussion in 'Oracle Application Express (APEX)' started by DTSIGuy, Dec 17, 2012.

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    I have a static LOV used as the source for an Item on the Page. It displays in 5 columns...the LOV is a big list. When the list was initially built, I put everything in alphabetic order as that makes the most sense in the event you should need to edit the list. But APEX uses the sequence number when displaying the list on the page.

    For example, assuming the LOV is the alphabet and the sequence begins at 1 incremented by 1, "Alpha" would have a sequence of 1 and "Zebra" would be 26. If you display that on the page in a 5 column format you will get :

    Code (Text):

    Alpha     Bravo    Charlie   Delta    Echo
    Foxtrot   Golf     Hotel     India    Juliet
    Kilo      Lima     Mike      Nancy    Oscar
    Papa      Quebec   Romeo     Sierra   Tango
    Uncle     Victor   Whiskey   XRay     Yankee
    The problem is how to make the list display this way :

    Code (Text):

    Alpha     Golf     Lima    Quebec   Victor
    Bravo     Hotel    Mike    Romeo   Whiskey
    Charlie   India    Nancy   Sierra   XRay
    Delta     Juliet   Oscar   Tango    Yankee
    Echo      Kilo     Papa    Uncle    Zebra
    The hard way is to resequence the list (in this case "Foxtrot" is sequence 26) which makes change rather difficult. Is it possible to make a change to the template? If so...what would that change be?