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Discussion in 'External Resources / Market Place' started by Sadik, Jun 25, 2009.

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    Dear Members

    This section External Resources / Market Place is where members are allowed to showcase/advertise their products or services. There are many websites where this is totally disallowed and such a post will be considered as SPAM. We however provide this forum to advertise your Oracle related products and service. Alternatively, contact us for some great prices on banner placements. Other members are requested to please keep the following points in mind.

    1. Club-Oracle does not verify or endorse any of the products or services listed here, we merely provide a platform where vendors can share their products or services.
    2. Please make full enquiries before buying/signing-up on any of the products listed here.
    3. We are not in any way responsible for the products or service advertised here.
    4. As in all other sections of the sites links can only be posted after "a certain number" of posts have been made by a member.
    5. Any thread created here, not related to Oracle's technologies will be deleted without notice.