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Disable UCM Console for Guest Users

Discussion in 'Oracle Webcenter Suite (formerly Oracle ECM)' started by Quentin, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Quentin

    Quentin Guest

    We are currently using WEBURL Mapping to allow users to open documents. However, if the document does not exist, it opens the Oracle Content Server console with Content Server Request Failed error. The problem is that we do not want the outside works (guests) to view the content server console. They are able to search for all of the public files and see user id information. Anyone have any ideas how we can stop guest/public users from seeing the content server console?

    I'm unsure how detailed the weburlmap can be, but is it possible to have an if then statement saying if the file does not exist, then it will open something else?


    Thanks for any assistance.
  2. dcell59

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    I'm not sure I understand the context of this, but if it's an iDocScript page, you could call DOC_INFO_BY_NAME using an Ajax call and then parse the results. If the document exists, you can call GET_FILE, and if not you can display a message.