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Difference between receiving price and return to vendor price in the grni account

Discussion in 'Oracle SCM & Manufacturing' started by Francois du Toit, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Good morning,

    Can anyone please tell me if its how its possible to change a Po price after a receipt is done. Everybody tells me its impossible.
    I need to recon the Grni account and have seen a few transactions with different receiving and return to vendor prices.

    Eg 1 Dt CT

    Receipt 1 10.00
    Invoice matched 15.00

    If i go to the invoice, it is a straight match with no distributions.

    Eg 2
    Receipt 20.00
    Returned to vendor 25.00

    By further investigation, I see there is a change in the Po price, I cant seem to find a way to duplicate this. Is there a field that I need to block to ensure this does not happen.
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    hi franco, you can of course change the PO price but it won't be effective for the receipts already done.If you are seeing different prices in for the same item against the same PO in receipt and return to vendor, there might be a problem with tax applied. In your return to vendor your localisation tax might not have been reversed causing a difference in price,
    check that out.

    Your two reciepts have different prices because the PO price was changed after the first receipt was made. That would have caused an amendment. Check when it was done.