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Did mistake while uploading documents for background verification

Discussion in 'Interview Discussions' started by raakhi_3645, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. raakhi_3645

    raakhi_3645 Guest


    While I was filling details for background verification for First Advantage I didn't fill gap present between employment i.e: In reason section I kept as 'Not available'.
    But after completion of my higher education and starting my professional career I have a 1 year gap. Will it create any problem?

    If so kindly let me know what to do?
  2. cnuwaiting4oracle

    cnuwaiting4oracle Active Member

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    Hi raakhi_3645,

    I hope your background verification finished successfully and joined in oracle.Regarding this even I'm also in same kind of situation. So please could you tell me how long background verification process took after uploading documents and did they ask any explanation and proofs for that mistake?
    For my case it has been already 3 weeks over after updating the documents till now I didn't get update from BG check team. please reply this thread asap.

    Thanks in advance.