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Developer 2000 ICONS Images

Discussion in 'Oracle Forms and Reports' started by ksjj, Feb 6, 2011.

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    While working on oracle 10g i am facing a problem in getting the images of icon in the menu of the front end (developer 2000).

    I am not sure if this is a DBA problem or forms and reports. kindly excuse me i am very much new to oracle 10g

    I did try changing the dat file, orion files as below, but i could get the icon images if i run the fmb , but when i run the report from front end it doesn't appear.

    thanks in advance for all the help i get in solving this problem

    Icons To Be Shown In Windows Environment

    1) Created a folder Icons in E:\Devsuitehome_1\Icons
    2) Copied all *.gif files to folder Icons
    3) Went to E:\Devsuitehome_1\forms\java\oracle\forms\registry and edit registry.dat and
    edited the below lines to



    4) Went to E:\Devsuitehome_1\forms\server and edit forms.conf file with

    AliasMatch ^/forms/Icons(..*) "E:\Devsuite_1/forms/Icons/$1"

    5) Went to E:\Devsuitehome_1\j2ee\DevSuite\application-deployments\forms\formsweb AND EDIT
    orion-web.xml and the below line

    <virtual-directory virtual-path="/Icons" real-path="E:\Devsuite_1/forms/Icons" />

    I have attached the word file to show the images what i get when i run the fmb and what i get when i run the form from the front end

    thanks a lot in advance for all the help i get


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