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Deploying Oracle EBS Using an enterprise Template

Discussion in 'General' started by SDJackson, Oct 1, 2011.

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    As we look forward into 2012, the corporate landscape continues to be ever more competitive globally. Many multi-national enterprises came out of 2009 and the economic downturn at that time with increased project workloads - yet have continued to struggle along with fewer people and tighter budgets to work with.
    Companies using Oracle's e-Business Suite (EBS) of applications, or are considering using EBS are no exception to this trend. A number of these same companies have discovered a way to get much more done, with fewer resources, in a dramatically reduced timeframe by utilizing a set of software tools - SWIFTSuite - in order to meet the demands of their organization.
    These tools are now in use at over 400 customers globally, including several Fortune 100 companies such as Emerson Electric. These companies have been able to realize anywhere from 50-80% in real savings over more "traditional" approaches that have been used previously.
    For example, a global manufacturer, using these tools, came up with a low cost, out-of-the-box solution for deploying a standard ERP system in smaller, remote plants with no local IT support. When interviewed for an industry award a few years back, this company stated:
    *Reduced ERP Implementation costs and deployment times by 70%,
    *Automated more than 80% of manual processes, and
    *Reduced financial close time by 20%.
    The SWIFTSuite set of tools is being used for deploying EBS, performing upgrades, providing real-time BR100's, gaining control of versioning issues, and assisting with corporate governance and compliance issues associated with their ERP system. The tools also facilitate a review of processes, employing best practices, and assisting with the development of enterprise "templates" that are far easier to manage.
    Based on a multi-dimensional data cube, or knowledgebase, SWIFTSuite utilizes an iterative process that fosters "management by exception". SWIFTSuite is an integrated set of tools that enable an enterprise to effectively and efficiently innovate and manage its E-Business Applications and related services throughout the entire business lifecycle.
    Of particular interest this year has been the upgrade or re-implementations underway or in the planning stages of moving to the latest version of Oracle EBS – R12. These tools provide a structured methodology and set of business rules to successfully, and with minimal pain, move their organization to a fully supported version of the product.
    It has been stated that "necessity is the mother of invention", and as we look to the difficult road ahead, the driving forces in the market have challenged companies to work smarter, not just harder.
    For more information, please visit world wide web dot swiftsuite dot com, or world wide web dot scottfreesol dotcom , or contact Scott Jackson at 330-242-6940
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