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Defining SLA Account Derivation Rule for a segment having dependent value set

Discussion in 'Oracle Financials' started by ramankb, Nov 15, 2011.

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    We are using auto accounting to generate the invoice accounting distributions in Oracle Receivables. The accounting flexfield consists of 7 segments.

    We are currently working on a POC scenario in which the account code combination for revenue line should retain the segment value populated in segment 1 to 3 and segment 6 and 7 , populated by auto accounting, but segment 4 populated by auto accounting should be overriden by a constant segment value and segment 5 should be overriden with the value based on the value populated for segment 4 so that the subledger journal entry generated should contain the overriden segment values for segment 4 and 5 and retain the transaction GL distribution for rest segments.

    The value set assigned to segment 5 is a dependant value set which is dependent on segment 4 assigned with independent value set.

    I understand that we can fulfill the above requirement by auto accounting itself but we are intending to rely on account derivation rule.

    Please suggest the steps how to define the account derivation rule for segment5 value derivation bason the above scenario.

    Note: I have already defined a new SLAM, AAD and Journal Line definition by copying the seeded SLAM and have defined the new line types for default receivable and revenue as a starting step. Also I have defined the account derivation rule for segment 4 by incorporating a constant value in the mapping set and assigning the same in the Account Derivation rule.