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Database sequence call in oracle forms 6i

Discussion in 'Oracle Forms and Reports' started by pervej.fac, Nov 2, 2014.

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    Hi brother,
    At first take my cordial respect.
    Brother at this moment I am in so much problem.Could anyone help me?
    Problem is :
    I have a SALES FORM.Here I have created a master form and a detail form.In master form Invoiceno field exists and a save button.I have also created a sequence in database to generate invoiceno.At this moment I want to generate SEQUENCE during save button is pressed for once.I have done.But problem is that if any field in form violets business rules then form data is not save into the database. But despite that violation,SEQUENCE is generating next value.How I can prevent invoice generation by SEQUENCE .By using which trigger or which way I can generate SEQUENCE for once while form data is saved in the database.