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Data Guard for Oracle Database11g

Discussion in 'Server Administration and Options' started by Anne, Aug 30, 2008.

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    Data Guard for Oracle Database11g

    If you have Oracle Enterprise Database11g installed on your operating system then you can be benefited with the best disaster recovery solution, data protection and comprehensive data availability in the industry.

    Data Guard helps to safeguard your precious database from any kind of corruptions, disasters, errors and failures. It not only manages but also provides an automation software infrastructure to create, monitor and maintain enterprise standby databases as synchronized copies from the production database that may be located at a remote location. Data guard would help to prevent any kind of data loss if your production database is corrupted or destroyed due to any unforeseen reason.

    Data Guard is a better alternative than older Oracle Real Application Clusters or Oracle RAC. Unlike Oracle RAC, Data Guard is capable to provide you with Disaster Recovery and High Availability requirements. Moreover, Data Guard is designed with such features that it would not let the corruptions to propagate to the stored standby database in Data Guard storage from your primary database. You can use both logical and physical standby databases for productive purposes but would keep them in standby role.

    With Data Guard, you can assure of reliable and optimum data availability and protection. You will not have to incur hefty amounts to maintain this level of data security. Moreover, using Data Guard is not complex as its features are very much integrated with Oracle Enterprise Database11g. What is more? You can also use your standby databases for production purposes. It can also be used with various other Oracle Solutions such as Oracle Flashback, Oracle RAC, RMAN etc. to add up to its capabilities. It is also compatible with other Oracle Database11g options such as Oracle Advanced Compression and Oracle Active Data Guard.

    Various advantages of Data Guard include its
    • Capability to deal with quick switching between primary databases and standby databases. This helps to minimize the downtime you would have wasted when primary database fails to perform.
    • Resolve problems like user errors or logical corruptions in primary database. The redo data is always validated before it is applied to the standby database to ensure more security.
    • The workload of primary database can also be reduced as all the functions that require read only feature can utilize standby database.

    Many people are confused what would happen if the network connection disconnects for sometime between the primary and standby database. Now you need not to worry as all the redo data that was not sent during the disconnection phase is detected and updated by the Data Guard automatically. No manual intervention or support is required in this case. With its simple and centralized management framework or design you can easily monitor and manage various tasks of multiple databases once, you configure your Data Guard for the same.

    A Data Guard can support up to nine standby databases and one primary database. It also utilizes feature that compare incoming redo stream and standby database to detect any type of firmware or hardware storage fault. Data Guard also supports for Oracle Active Data Guard and helps to create Snapshot Standby database.