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Data block query returns no records

Discussion in 'Oracle Forms and Reports' started by bonbonbaron, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. bonbonbaron

    bonbonbaron Guest

    ... whereas, in Oracle SQL Developer it does.

    I'm using 10g. I have a data block called 'S03' that's based on a packaged procedure that returns a ref cursor. The data block wizard's query is set to call that procedure, and I've filled in values for all the arguments EXCEPT for the ref cursor. All the filled-in arguments reference fields from the initial data block.

    In the initial data block, after filling in the requisite fields, I press the SHOW_DATA button. This button's WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED trigger is as follows:


    S03's data block query starts out as follows:

    PACKAGE BODY MW0140_report_package IS
    PROCEDURE show_data(sort varchar2,
    location IN varchar2,
    supply IN varchar2,
    draw IN varchar2,
    defcode IN varchar2,
    status IN varchar2,
    date_from IN DATE,
    date_end IN DATE,
    icnt IN varchar2,
    parameter IN varchar2,
    refCursor IN OUT mw0140_refCursor_type)
    open refCursor for

    I know the query is firing, because when I run it on the server and press the SHOW_DATA button, the bottom-left corner says: "FRM-40350: Query caused no records to be retrieved." So it would SEEM it knows there's a query supposed to be firing. Is there something important I'm missing about how to get the EXECUTE_QUERY in the button trigger to execute the data block's built-in query?

    Am I missing something here? Is my argument for the ref cursor supposed to contain something? If so, what?
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