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Creating a drop down / select list in my application

Discussion in 'Oracle Application Express (APEX)' started by sellyh19, Dec 24, 2010.

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    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to create an application in Oracle apex.
    I made an item named P2_CAT_DESCRIPTION which display as a select list. Under source, my source type is database column, source used: always replace any existing value in session state.
    Under source value, i have CAT_DESCRIPTION.
    Under list of value, i have display null - yes, display null value - select category -
    Under list of values definition i have STATIC: Business Improvements, Cost Savings, Health and Wellness, Complaints, Other (this are values in my database in the category table).
    When i run my application and select one value from the list, i get the following error:
    ORA-20507: Invalid numeric value Business Improvements for column CAT_DESRIPTION
    Can anyone one please help me. I am new to oracle and struggling to solve this problem.