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create an RMA with reference to a sales order line

Discussion in 'Oracle CRM' started by adeoracle, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. adeoracle

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    We are trying to create an RMA with reference to a sales order line but wants the price automatically coming from the price list as per the defaulting rule - Is this possible with Oracle rel 11.5.10 2? Looks like the system is enforcing the selling price and price list of the referenced sales order line.

    Any input or assistance would be greatly appreciated'

  2. juan

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    Yes it is possible if you setup the defaulting Rules in OM --> setup --> rules --> defaulting. Set the defaulting rule for the related record of the customer and its shipto site. and see that is enabled. Once you are done with the defaulting rule run "build attribute mapping rule"

    Also If you open the shipto field in Standard Customer Creation Form, there will be order management tab. If you give the Price List there then it is defaulting if you select the customer in a sale order. Provided you don't give anything in Transaction Type.
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