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Copy oracle database from one server to other

Discussion in 'Security, Backup and Recovery' started by momer79, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. momer79

    momer79 Active Member

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    Hi, i like to know, how to copy oracle Database from one server to new server without shutting down the database.

    I only have a little book knowledge about DBA site of oracle..I give you a bit back ground of my requirments.

    At the moment database is running on window Server and there are about 15 schemas running in oracle and each schemas contain number of tables. I want to copy everything from this server to new server. Datafiles,control files and Redo log files, backup is taken three times in a week.

    New server has clean Oracle installed on it. Both servers has Oracle 9i.

    Can anyone please explain all the steps require to copy everything from one server to other (without shuting down the database)? I want to copy everything parameters,tables, indexs and so on.

    I am looking for quickest way of doing it becuase i will be using this technique in the situation where the live server is down and want to copy everything to Temp server and let the users to conect to Temp server. (Basic idea is to reduce the waiting time for the users)

  2. zargon

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    Aurora, CO
    To honestly reduce the wait time you should be considering Data Guard rather than a point-in-time copy of the database. You can, of course, do what you ask using Recovery Manager (RMAN) with the duplicate database command. Please read the documentation on RMAN and how it can be used to copy (duplicate) a database to another server.