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Content Migration of Existing Site [Non Content Server Site]

Discussion in 'Oracle Webcenter Suite (formerly Oracle ECM)' started by harmaildhiman, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. harmaildhiman

    harmaildhiman Active Member

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    Can we mannually create Site from Existing [Non Content Server Site]?

    We can have predesigned Layouts, Contributor Regions ....etc, But contents may be provided by user in form of database.

    Case is : User don't want to Enter Data Manually .i.e. data should be captured from DB and stored in particular XML's

    Please Help,

    Harmail Dhiman
  2. Sadik

    Sadik Community Moderator Forum Guru

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    You can import html, jsp etc pages directly into Site Studio. For example to open any html, jsp etc file within Site Studio Designer, From the "Select Layout Page" dialog box choose "Create a new layout page from an existing one", and select the "stored on the file system" radio button. This will enable you to check in the source file and then continue to work with it in Site Studio Designer.
    What do you mean by content may be provided by user in form of database?
    Could u explain a bit? DO you mean that you want to capture data from existing tables and store it as XMLType in some other table?
  3. Andy_Weaver

    Andy_Weaver Active Member

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    Apple Valley, MN
    This sounds very similar to a site migration that we did last year. The customer had a website stored in a proprietary content management system that stored all the content as html text in the database. There is no out of the box solution to import a site from a different system but I can run through the process we took for this particular site.

    -We created a new site in site studio compete with hierarchy and contribution regions
    -We then developed a custom UCM component that did the following:
    -Ran configurable queries against the source site to extract the data​
    -Built BLF's (batchload files) containing the metadata for the new content item (contributor data file). This included site section.​
    -Generated the XML for the datafile from the extracted data. We leveraged idoc script and used templates to make this work.​
    -Ran Batchloader to import the content into UCM​

    From that point it was a matter of hooking up the files to their corresponding contribution regions. If you created empty datafiles ahead of time for those regions and knew the region mapping you could have the correct dDocNames in your BLF and it would hook up automatically.

    Hopefully that gives you some ideas to help with your migration.