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Confused : Whether to study or get hands on practical side

Discussion in 'Interview Discussions' started by BINOYHAKKIM, Jan 30, 2013.


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    HI Friends ,

    I am an MBA in finance from an accounting experience of 2 years. I am interested in oracle financials. But i want to know which is the better option in getting into this stream, is it worth studying about this in a certified institution from the scrap or is it better to start as a trainee functional consultant in any firms .

    Please if anyone out there could help me on this.

    Hoping for a valuable advice !
  2. DTSIGuy

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    There are generally two schools of thought on this type of subject. I've worked in environments where the Certifications were the ultimate litmus test as opposed to actual working knowledge. In my view...having a handful of certifications makes you "book smart" while accruing the technical know-how makes you "productive".

    With respect to Oracle Financials...there is a LOT of pieces to that pie. There's the Oracle EBS tech stack, the Financials database structure, the forms/business processes, workflows, concurrent manager, system administration, EBS Apps DBA...

    IMO you need to be a bit more specific although...nothing beats getting your hands dirty.
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