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Collaboration Projects Do Not Work

Discussion in 'Oracle Webcenter Suite (formerly Oracle ECM)' started by guliflower, Apr 9, 2010.

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    Sorry for another question, but I am totaly confused. I was aiming to explore the functionality of Projects. So the CollaborationManger has been already installed on our UCM instance. What I did was just enabled it. Then I created a new project, added users. But the problems came into place:

    At the project check in (New Content) there were supposed to appear two additional metadata fields:
    Collaboration Project and Selected Workflow, but they didn't. Then I went to Configuration Manager and found the xSelectedWorkflow field, which was by the way not enabled on the user interface. So I made it enabled and it finally appeared on the check-in page, but the button "Configure" (workflow) didn't work. Anyway, I tried to check-in a new content item and it didn't work, because !!!! "collaboration project has not been specified"!
    As I can assume it happened because I can't see the Collaboration Project field, therefore the content doesn't inherit value for this field and the workflow can not be selected.

    Then I addressed the Collaboration Administration, User, Installation guides to find some hints. See below what I have checked:

    1. I have checked the <install_dir>/<instance>/data/components/CollaborationManager/config.cfg file and found out that
    Seems to be OK

    2. The installer sets up the following workflow configuration settings:
    Code (Text):

    prjWizardWorkflowField= SelectedWorkflow
    (Enables content item routing in the Collaboration Manager, sets the workflow for the user routing and defines wf tokens.)
    - First of all the file name on the server was environment.cfg, i.e. without "l".
    - Secondly, the mentioned variables were added to the file but with #-sign, i.e.
    Code (Text):

    #prjWizardWorkflowField= SelectedWorkflow
    I am not a programmer, but I guess that makes them as comments?

    So what I did, I deleted the # symbols and restarted the server, but nothing has changed. :mad:

    Please help me to find some hints, why it is all not working! Thanks a lot for any assistance!