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Club-oracle premium and corporate memberships

Discussion in 'Site Announcements and Feedback' started by Sadik, Jul 12, 2015.

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    With the upgrade, I have taken the opportunity to introduce two new forms of membership at club-oracle.

    One of the biggest issue we have is how to ensure proper documents distribution to everyone who wants to download a document while at the same time making sure the server does not break down.

    Hence a number of steps have been taken:
    1. The Scribd Document Viewer is back. This was heavily requested and lets people see what they are downloading.
    2. Regular Users have to upload a "useful" document before they can download. They can download upto two documents per day after they have uploaded.
    However even after this several users were requesting more access to the documents section. Hence for them and for others who would like to support ClubOracle, we now have Premium Membership.

    Premium Membership

    With Premium Membership, members only have to pay $10 (only about INR 600) and they get unlimited access to the documents section as well as several other forum goodies like Premium Member Badge, Zero Advertisement etc. for ONE FULL YEAR!

    I would request all our supporters and well wishers to upgrade to a premium account, this will help us pay the server costs, and I will keep improving the community and the site.

    Corporate Membership

    Another issue we have had are with the several training institutes who wanted to advertise their courses to our members but were not allowed to, since posting advertising was against the rules. Also this also deprived several of our members who were genuinely interested in finding out about the training institutes.

    To solve this, we now have Corporate Membership. This gives access to the Advertisers to post their classified ad in the MarketPlace section.

    The classified threads would appear on the right hand sidebar across the forum for ONE FULL MONTH and is an excellent value proposition if you are looking to advertise your training institute or your new product to a large audience.

    I hope with these measures the site will continue to improve and help more members and Oracle professionals out there.