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Club-Oracle Anti Spam Policy

Discussion in 'Site Announcements and Feedback' started by Sadik, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Sadik

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    Anti Spam Policy

    Hi guys,

    I think all of you of late have been bothered by the number of SPAM posts appearing on the site. Unfortunately that's the flip-side of getting popular. However a number of ANTI-SPAM functionalities have been added to the site which I feel will STOP these SPAMMERS.

    1. Random Question at Registration in addition to the CAPTCHA Image

    2. Users with a post count of less than a certain number will be unable to post links.

    3. Users registering from known SPAM Domains will be unable to register.

    All Users who have been SPAMMERS have been DELETED!

    If any genuine user is facing any problem because of these policies please send me a mail at sadikbhimani[at]gmail[dot]com