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Change Default APPS password

Discussion in 'System Administration & Application DBA' started by Julian, Aug 12, 2008.

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    In this article I will explain how to change the default APPS user password for the database schema APPS. This is the username/password we use when logging in using TOAD or while compiling Forms etc.

    • Shutdown concurrent manager
    • logon as sysadmin
    • goto sysadmin-->security-->Oracle-->Register
    • Query for APP%
    • Change the APPLSY & APPS Password (Both the Password should be same)
    • Logon to TOAD as system/manager
    • Run the command
    Code (Text):

    Alter user APPS identified by <<new password>> (this password should be identical as in step 5)
    Alter user APPLSYS identified by <<new password>> (this password should be identical as in step 5)
    • Edit startup and shutdown scripts (e.g. test_start.sh & test_stop.sh) in the following lines:
    Code (Text):
    sh adstrtal.sh apps/<<new password>> -- Startup script
      sh adstpall.sh apps/<<new password>>-- Shutdown script
    • Edit the following files (change the path according to your instance) ā€“ See step 10 to find the editing instructions.
    Code (Text):
    /applvis/testappl/admin/TEST_cctcal/out/templbac/wdbsvr.app  -- Optional
      /applvis/testappl/admin/TEST_cctcal/out/02111859/wdbsvr.app -- Optional
    Find the word password and type the new password against the password field where the original value is APPS.
    Note: There might be many password fields in these files. Do not change other password fields where the default password is not APPS.
    • Use vi command to open the aforementioned files
    Code (Text):
    :set ic
      /password ā€“ This will take the cursor to the first password field
    If this password field has default value as APPS, change it.
    If this is not the field then press ā€œnā€ to go to the next password field. Do this till you get the correct field.
    Save the file once the change is made.

    Important: There will be only one password field with default value as APPS in each of the files. So you need to make only one change per file.
    Restart all the services (bounce the DB & restart all services)[/quote]
    • Login to application and test whether you can enter into the forms.