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Can we use project budgetary control but supress AP/PO encumbrance entries to GL

Discussion in 'Oracle Projects' started by satya.ora, Feb 28, 2014.

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    Can we use project budgetary control for P2P spending funds check and supress AP/PO encumbrance entries to GL.

    We are using Project Budgets(forms) with budgetary control enabled (We do not have GL Budget/integration)

    1)Requirement is to have budgetary control/funds check feature without generating encumbrance entries from REQ, PO, AP. Is it possible to supress the encumbrance entries from reaching GL but still retaining the funds check functionality. Can we do something in SLA to restrict the encumrance entries only.

    (2)Project budgetry control is for YTD amounts (Time Phased: Amount Type is YTD and Boundry Code: Year). Given we are not using top down integration with GL budgets the standard Year end budget balances rollover program would not work in this case. Is there any suggested approach to retrieve the YTD project budget balances and roll over to next year.