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Can Overheads in Oracle WIP be modified or removed at any time?

Discussion in 'Oracle SCM & Manufacturing' started by swapnilmehar, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. swapnilmehar

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    I want to update overhead costs in Oracle WIP- Discrete jobs on quarterly basis.
    I never tried this, is this possible?
    e.g. My present Overheads areas follows
    Land Lease 3.88
    Local Freight Charge 2.02
    Maintanance Repair including Labor 8.98
    Power electricity 12.96
    Salary 98.98
    Sundry Expenses 4
    Tools & Stores & Gas 25.76
    Watch & Ward 6.4
    Total 162.98

    Can I change these to
    Land Lease 3.88
    Salary including Voucher paid Staff 77.3
    Sundry Expenses 4
    Security Guards / Watch & Ward 6.4
    Muster Roll Workers Wages 5
    Total 96.58

    Please reply ASAP