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Budgetary Control on PO and AP with different exchange rates

Discussion in 'Oracle Projects' started by jamil.ocp@gmail.com, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. jamil.ocp@gmail.com

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    I have a confusing sort of question.

    Budgetary control is enabled and the total available budget is 4000. Functional currency is AED.
    I raise a PO for Project in USD with quantity 10 with price of 4=400. Exchange rate is 10 so the amount in AED is 4000.

    Now i receive this PO fully and interface it to Project with accrual flag yes.

    Later i enter AP invoice match to this PO and the exchange rate at that time is 11 means 4400.

    What will be the impact? will it be rejected or any other impact?