Best onsite company - infosys or ibm

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    Hi All,

    I am working as Oracle Apps Technical Consultant with 8+ years experience. I have got 2 offer, one is form Infosys, another one is from IBM. Currently I am mainly looking for onsite opportunity, Hence i have asked both the companies for onsite assignment, before joining they are not committing for onsite. Hence i am planning to join a company which will support me more for onsite. Kindly request to you please help/provide your valuable points for the same.
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    As I am sure you are well aware, an onsite opportunity totally depends on the project you will be joining. Since you are fairly experienced, they must be hiring you with specific projects in mind. If I were you, I would simply ask the contact person you are talking to, to put you in touch with the manager of the project(s) you will be joining. You can tell the HR that you want to understand the work they are doing for the client or clients.

    Once you get their email / phone, just contact them and ask them that you would be joining soon, so are there onsite opportunities with the project or not. The manager is the guy / girl best in position to answer this. Generally the hiring HR team does not have that visibility at least in India.