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Backup API for Oracle

Discussion in 'System Administration & Application DBA' started by kulasekaran119, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I am currently reading some articles/documents to backup and restore Oracle databases. I found that Oracle databases can be backed either up by RMAN('Recovery Manager' tool supplied by oracle) or doing a "Hot Backup" (bring the database to backup mode and then copying the Physical datafile by issuing operating system "copy" command). The above methods do not meet my needs. I want to backup Orcale databases via my own application and I use C++. Hence, I am searching for an API that can be used with C++ to backup the Oracle databases.

    Is there any API to backup the Oracle database that we can integrate with our own application program?
    [Like , To backup SQL Server Database , we can use VDI(virtual Device Interface) API to backup the SQL server database]

    Thanks in advance