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Background check timeline for stateside jobs? IT division

Discussion in 'Interview Discussions' started by Troyfrezze, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. Troyfrezze

    Troyfrezze Guest

    Received my verbal (emailed) offer two weeks ago this Sunday and started the negotiation process. Few days later I was informed my counter was approved and the offer letter was going along smoothly and getting the approvals needed. Last Friday (the 5th) my background check process started and I've followed up with that department this week. They are in the process of validating the university I attended from 2000-2003 has me on record I understand. I assume they will also be following up with the university I just graduated from in Sept for a new bachelors degree as well.

    I've been reading through several of the other post here, primarily the top one that's like 60 pages long and it seems many of the positions are for oversee's locations in or around India. I'm in Colorado and was hoping someone might have some experience as to how long of a wait I should have on my hands. I see earlier this year there was a long wait due to budgets and a hiring freeze that appears to have passed at this point.

    If anyone has anything that can provide me (advice, links to a good post or article, etc) I would greatly appreciate it!

    As a follow up to this, has anyone had any experience with issues with the background check process. I don't have any legal issues or anything as I am coming from a prior military career and having worked in the private sector and as a contractor all while having kept an active high level security clearance. But as things are, I panic or stress when it comes to anything that might effect my ability to finish landing this job.