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Backdate Ship Confirmed R11 (Unprocess Shipment Transaction)

Discussion in 'General' started by adon, Sep 23, 2014.

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    I have some issue to discuss, there's one pending message in : Inventory -->> acounting close period --> pending : it shows 1 issue on unprocess shipment transaction, that error occurs because warehouse doing ship confirmed transaction on closed period (AR & Gl) : AUG 2014 and transaction date was on SEP 2014. because that transactions :

    1. there's and error occur in RA_INTERFACE_ALL, can't create auto invoice (because gl periode was closed), but this issue already fixed, i changed the trx_date with open gl periode, and now invoice already generated on SEP 2014, and might be i will create credit memo for this invoice (to cancel this invoice)
    2. SO line status = "Closed"
    3. Delivery status = "Shipped", if i am not wrong, that status shows that transaction not reaching into inventory interface
    4. INV_INTERFACE_FLAG shows ā€œPā€, and OE_INTERFACE_FLAG already ā€œYā€.(I already run concurrent inventory interface and trip stop interface again, but the error still remain) - i thought it's because that ship confirmed transaction already close on AUG 14

    The questions is, if there's any workaround or solution regarding this issue, can i cancel the SO?? or else...need explaination regarding this issue.

    Thank you