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"authid =" is attached to each word in csv output

Discussion in 'Oracle Forms and Reports' started by priyanka kolapkar, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. priyanka kolapkar

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    PDF format of Report is displaying properly but in CSV Format , "Authid =" is attached to each word .
    CSV Output is as below
    "\"" authid=wmbadmMAKER_BRANCH_CODE\"" authid=wmbadm","\"" authid=wmbadmCS_SUMPERDEPOSITBRANCH\"" authid=wmbadm","\"" authid=wmbadmCLIENT_CODE\"" authid=wmbadm","\"" authid=wmbadmCLIENT_DESCRIPTION\"" authid=wmbadm","\"" authid=wmbadmDISP_BRANCH_DESCRIPTION\"" authid=wmbadm","\"" authid=wmbadmACCOUNT_NMBR\""
    Authid is displaying CSV Report while generating through Report Server .
    Report Command for PDF :
    Command:D\ReportsHome10g\BIN\rwclient.exe server=rep_STMCIAD1 report=D:\TCIReports\Post_date_cheque_report.rep desformat=PDF destype=FILE desname="C:\TMB\tempfile\ALL_PDCREPORTS_31122099_134915_000025.PDF" p_start_date="11/09/2014" p_end_date="31/12/2099" p_from_date="01/01/1900" p_to_date="11/09/2014" p_client="%" p_depositbranch="%" p_product_type="%" p_chequetype="%" p_corporation="%" BATCH=YES BACKGROUND=YES PARAMFORM=NO

    Report Command for CSV :
    Command:D\ReportsHome10g\BIN\rwclient.exe server=rep_STMCIAD1 report=D:\TCIReports\Liquidation_Report.rep desformat=DELIMITEDDATA DELIMITER=, destype=FILE desname="C:\TMB\tempfile\0781058854_LIQDREPORT_11092014_135830_000028.CSV" p_start_date="11/09/2014" p_end_date="11/09/2014" p_client="0781058854" p_product_type="%" p_chequetype="%" p_corporation="%" BATCH=YES BACKGROUND=YES PARAMFORM=NO CELLWRAPPER=\"
    Please help me to identify issue.Is there is any setting regarding Authid column on Report Server