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ASCP Supplier capaicty constrain not honored

Discussion in 'General' started by sarathy, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. sarathy

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    I am not able to make ASCP Plan to Honor Purchasing Lead Time and capacity Constraint.

    Plan we are executing has the following
    - Enforce capacity constrain - enabled
    - Supplier Capacity Constraint - set to Yes
    -Enforce Purchasing Lead time constraints - enabled
    -MSC: Supplier Capacity Accumulation(multiplier)- set to "1"
    -MSO: Lead Time Control - set to "Do not violate minimum processing times"

    Lead time 5 days , MDS Demand due dt 30th June , supplier Capacity 5qty/ day
    In the workbench I am getting the exception msg as "Supplier capacity overloaded' but the due date is still 30th June.

    I am expecting ASCP would suggest New Demand Due date due to the supplier constrain.

    Please let me know what other profile / Set up to be taken care to get ASCP honor capacity constrain.