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ASCP Post Plan Hook - Need Example Code

Discussion in 'Oracle SCM & Manufacturing' started by bhoneycutt888, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Need some example code for ASCP Post Plan Hook. We are trying to fix a UOM that is related to physical attributes weight UOM. It is setup on items in KG and looks correct in the collections form views but then the plan changes to LBS. This is not a primary UOM issue as that is Each. The plan is taking the KG from the Physical Attributes weight entry and changing it to LBS in the plan. You can see this on the front end when you select item (item attributes) under a record entry in the workbench. The backend column names that are the issue is WEIGHT_UOM and UNIT_WEIGHT. If you have example code that uses Oracle's provided hook it would be most appreciated. Oracle suggests using the hook but then doesn't support any code inserts into it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Please send to supplychaindesigninc@gmail.com. Thanks, Brandon
  2. a_kamalraj

    a_kamalraj Forum Advisor

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    Do you know the User Hook Name?,
    Do you know hw user hook works...

    Will exlplain you what is mean by User Hooks

    1. Oracle user hook has only the package specification given and there wont be package body written for that
    2. if we need any business functionality we can create the body against the user hook specification

    Kamal (kamal.love@gmail.com)
  3. ajeet.khari

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    I have worked on ASCP hooks. Send me a test mail, will forward the sample code to you. Ajeet.khari@gmail.com