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Arabic text printing in R12i

Discussion in 'General' started by navinw, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. navinw

    navinw Guest

    I am using Oracle Application R12i version with Oracle database as 10g, base language as English and installed language as Arabic.

    I am trying to print the data which is there in English/Arabic in Oracle Application(using XML Publisher).

    I've created a rdf using Report Builder 10g and registered as concurrent program (XML as Output format). There after i executed the concurrent program and generated the XML file.

    Based on the XML file, i created a rtf file using XML Desktop(in Ms word) and register the same rtf file in XML Publisher Administrator for creating the XML definition and Template and Output as PDF.

    After creating a XML template, when i executed the Concurrent program, english text is shown in english but arabic text is shown some ascii characters like Question Mark(up side down).

    Could anyone please let us know the steps for doing the same or plz let us know are we missing any step.

    Quiet urgent :mad:

    You could also reply to navin_waghmare@dss.co.in

    Thanks in advance :)
    Your help will be appreciated.