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API's (What is API)

  1. shrikantgarud

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    The Application Programmatic Interface or API is a PL/SQL packaged procedure that can be used as an alternative to Application online forms for Application data entry and manipulation.

    The advantage of using an API to update application data is that users can maintain HRMS information without using manual entry in Oracle application forms. APIs insure the integrity of the interrelationship of Oracle Applications tables. You can modify application information without detailed knowledge of the database structure, because the API updates all the interrelated tables.

    APIs help protect customer-specific data from database structural changes. As Oracle changes table structures, the APIs are modified correspondingly, so that data can continue to be modified without error or code updates.
  2. bobbyiiit

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    API :- Application Programming Interface

    -> It is an Oracle Predefined PL/SQL Package
    -> Used to do built-in functionality
    -> Using API's we will reduce the code
    -> We use API's to update, retrive, Insert data from/to Database
    -> We also use them to write messages into the log, output files
    -> Using API's we interact with other software programs
    -> The name Interface in API stands for Inbound/Outbound Interface in Oracle Applications. So using API's we can load data from/to legacy systems to/from Oracle Apps Database
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  3. dellmerca

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    API stands for Application Programming Interface, is a set of routine definitions, protocols, library, and tools that assists developers in writing code that connect with other software. It describes what functionality is available, how it must be used and what formats it will accept as input or return as output. An API may be for a web-based system, operating system, or database system, and it provides facilities to develop applications for that system using a given programming language. More about...api