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API's ( How can I use the HR_USER_ACCT_API)

Discussion in 'Oracle Apps Technical' started by shrikantgarud, Oct 12, 2009.

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    The HR_USER_ACCT_API is part of a solution that includes Data Pump and API User Hooks for creating users. To use this process, you first encode business rules for usernames, passwords, and responsibilities into a user hook for the HR_USER_ACCT_API. Once this hook is registered, the concurrent processes can extract information for users.Data Pump user keys are then defined. The Data Pump Engine can be used to create the accounts, calling the HR_USER_ACCT_API.

    The delivered processes are:

    • User Account Employee Extract Process
    • Data Pump Engine
    • Data Pump Batch Exceptions Report

    For complete details, please see the Batch Creation of User Accounts White Paper on Metalink, at Top Tech Docs > ERP > HRMS > Human Resources > White Papers