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API's ( Can APIs be used in an HR Shared installation)

Discussion in 'Oracle Apps Technical' started by shrikantgarud, Oct 12, 2009.

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    Shared installations operation only in the DateTrack Correct mode. Shared HR installations in Releases 10.7 and 11, do not support the use of APIs. Attempting to use APIs in Release 10.7 or 11 introduces real danger of data corruption.

    In Release 11i, the new HR Foundation responsibility is delivered to allow employee maintenance in applications with a Shared HR installation. This new functionality introduces several APIs that are conditionally supported for use with other (non-HRMS) Oracle
    Applications. Please see the "HR Foundation and APIs" document in the HRMS API Toolkit on Metalink.

    To find the Toolkit in Metalink navigate:

    Top Tech Docs > ERP Applications > Human Resource Management Systems > Human Resources > Functional Information > API.

    This document contains a summarized definition of HR Foundation, a list of supported APIs, a list of non-supported APIs and a list of APIs to which special conditions apply.