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Apache logs into one file

Discussion in 'Application Server (Weblogic Server, OC4J etc) & I' started by katcute, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. katcute

    katcute Guest


    I'm a newbie in using oracle application server 10g. Is there a way where I can configure so that the apache logs in Oracle_home/Apache/Apache/logs will be consolidated on a monthly basis because my current setup the logs are in a daily basis.

    Thanks :)
  2. tyro

    tyro Forum Genius

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    hi... if you want apache logs to be consolidated monthly, what's that got to do with Oracle Application server? shouldn't that be configured someway from Apache httpd.conf
  3. sameer

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    If you mean Oracle Application Server logs then navigate to the Application Server Home page, then select the Logs link. The Log Files page is displayed. Here you can choose to view application logs, diagnostic logs, management system logs, or Web services log, or all types of logs by selecting a option from the View menu. The logs are generated on specific evenets and it doesn't matter what time it is.

    However if you mean apache logs then most Apache logs configuration is present in httpd.conf file located in your apache-->conf directory. here you will find a log configuration setting which is:

    ErrorLog logs/error_log

    Under that there are several parameters with which you can control location, format etc of the error and access logs. Please refer to Apache's log file documentation for more details.