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Ap/ar auto netting process issues

Discussion in 'Oracle Financials' started by Sharang, May 9, 2016.

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    Hello genuises,

    I have quite a few issues with auto-netting process which i wanted to share with you hoping to get some insight from you all.

    1. The Netting report does not sort numbers in order which requires aligning the invoices manually so that we can net the same amount and invoice which is time consuming.

    2. The auto-netting could not compare 4 account relationships in one report, so the process has to be run 4 times and could not always clear the same invoices and amounts like it does in manual netting.

    3. The netting program does not even pay the same invoices for both AP and AR accounts so it caused intercompany out of balances.

    4. The time it took Oracle to clear invoices once the batch was submitted could take up to 20 minutes. Manual netting is much faster.

    The report generated always has a complete status with no errors. We are currently using R12.1.3. I have gone through the setup checklist several times in case there was anything missing since someone else worked on it. We have temporarily switched to manual netting as per the business requirement and their request is to switch to manual netting permanently. I am looking for a resolution that can fix these issues with auto-netting, but if nothing works out for me then I will start working on the manual netting setup.

    For the 1st issue, we checked if there were any sequencing errors or if we missed to assign it to AP or AR netting process. I am not sure how to approach the 2nd issue since I am working on this the first time. For all i know we can try to customize the report. For the 3rd issue we cross checked the netting agreement, receipt class and system options setup. We could not find anything that could cause this issue. The 4th one i am guessing is a performance issue but if there is anything else you'll can suggest then feel free to share it with me.

    P.S.: I am not authorized to share any screenshots. Apologies for that.

    Thanks & regards