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Analyse how reports have been buildt in Oracle EPM

Discussion in 'General' started by scoobyacz, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. scoobyacz

    scoobyacz Guest

    Oracle EPM Approximately 200+ Users with multiple folders off the root.
    Is there a smart way to run an analysis of users Web Analysis Documents / Financial Reports to see how many documents are out there that are built to look at a specific generation of a given dimension?

    We are about to go through a process of rationalising / renaming a bunch of dimension members in Generation 3/4/5 of a particular dimension - Wanted to get a feel for how many reports would be impacted - Assuming that a report would crash out if it was built to look for a dimension member called for example "Original Member Name - 1" if that got renamed to "New Mamber Name - 1a"