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AIX Pocket Reference

Discussion in 'Server Administration and Options' started by simply_dba, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. simply_dba

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    Kolkata, India
    Aix Command list in alphabetical order.

    [table] Command | Parameter | Description

    bootlist | -m normal <dev1> <dev2> | Alters the list of boot devices (or the ordering of these devices in the list available to the system)
    bosboot | -a |Create a boot image on the default boot device
    |-ad /dev/rnt<x> | Create a boot image at location and send to tape
    |-b <loc of bootimage> |
    cfgmgr | | Configures devices by running the programs in /etc/methods directory.
    chcons | | Redirects the system console to device or file, effective next startup
    chdev | -l <device> -a<params> | Changes a device's characteristics.
    chdisp | | Changes the display used by the low-function terminal (LFT subsystem.
    chfont | | Changes the default font selected at boot time.
    chfs | -a size=+<blocks> /<FS> | Changes attributes of a file system. This one will increase the Filesystem .
    chgroup | Users=x,y,z <grp name> | Changes attributes for groups.
    chlv | -n <nlvname> <olvname> | Rename logical volume from olvname to nlvname
    chps | -s<no. pps> <ps name> | Changes attributes of a paging space.
    chpv | | Changes the characteristics of a physical volume in a volume group.
    chque | -q<q name> -a’host = x’ | Changes the queue name.
    chssys | | Changes a subsystem definition in the subsystem object class.
    chtcb | | Changes or queries the trusted computing base attribute of a file.
    chtz. | | Changes the system time zone information
    chuser | rlogin=true <username> | Changes attributes for the specified user.
    chvfs | | Changes entries in the /etc/vfs file.
    chvg | | Sets the characteristics of a volume group.
    crfs | -v <fstype> (jfs) | Create a Filesystem on a pre-defined logical volume( which will automount at boot!)
    | -d <lvname> |
    | -m <mount point> |
    | -Ayes |
    crfs | -v <fstype> (jfs) | Create a Filesystem and its logical volume (uses default lvname)
    | -g <vgname> |
    | -a size=’<no blocks>’ |
    | -m <mount point> |
    | -Ayes |
    crvfs | | Creates entries in the /etc/vfs file.
    exportvg | | None Export a volume group
    grpck | -n | ALL Verifies the correctness of a group definition.
    hvirprt | | Changes the attribute values of a virtual printer.
    importvg | -y <vgname> | Import a Volume Group onto hdisk x
    | <hdisk x> |
    lpstat | | List print queues
    lsallq | | Lists the names of all configured queues.
    lsallqdev | | Lists all configured printer and plotter queue device names within a specified queue.
    lsattr | -El <devname> |List detailed configuration for a device
    lscfg | | List all configured devices
    | -v | List in detail
    | -l scsi* | List all scsi IO devices
    lsdev | -Cc tape | List configured tape devices
    | -Cc | disk List configured disks on devices
    | -C -s scsi -H | List all defined scsi devices
    lsdisp | | Lists the displays currently available on the system.
    lsfont | | Lists the fonts available for use by the display.
    lsfs | -l | List all filesystems in /etc/filesystems quering the LVM descriptor area and superblocks
    lsfs | | Displays the characteristics of file systems.
    lsgroup | | ALL Displays the attributes of groups.(checks NIS aswell!)
    lsitab | -a | Lists the records in the /etc/inittab file.
    lskbd | | Lists the keyboard maps currently available to the low-function terminal (LFT subsystem.
    lslicense | | Displays the number of fixed licenses and the status of floating licensing.
    lslpp | -l | List all installed software
    lslv | <lvname> | List configuration details of a given Logical Volume
    | -l <lvname> | List further configuration details of a given disk
    lsprtsv | -ch | Shows print service information stored in the database.
    lsps | -a | List pagaing space
    lspv | | List configured disks
    | <hdisk> | List configuration details of a given disk
    | -l <hdisk> | List Logical Volumes/Filesystems on a given disk
    lsque | | Displays the queue stanza name.
    lsquedev | | Displays the device stanza name.
    lssrc | -a | List all subsystems
    lsuser | | Displays attributes of user accounts.
    lsvfs | | Lists entries in the /etc/vfs file.
    lsvg | | List configured Volume groups
    | <vgname> | List configuration details of a given Volume group
    | -l <vgname> | List Logical Volumes/Filesystems on a given Volume Group
  2. simply_dba

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    Kolkata, India
    [table] Command| Parameter | Description
    mkcatdefs | | Preprocesses a message source file.

    mkdev | | Adds a device to the system.

    mkfont | | Adds the font code associated with a display to the system.
    mkfontdir | | Creates a fonts.dir file from a directory of font files.
    mkgroup | | Creates a new group.
    mkitab | | Makes records in the /etc/inittab file.
    mklv | -y <lvname> <vgname> <no of pps> | Create a Logical Volume
    mklv | | Creates a logical volume.
    mklvcopy | | Adds copies to a logical volume.
    mknamsv | | Configures TCP/IP-based name service on a host for a client.
    mknotify | | Adds a notify method definition to the notify object class.
    mkprtsv | | Configures TCP/IP-based print service on a host.
    mkps | | Add an additional paging space to the system.
    mkque | | Adds a printer queue to the system.
    mkquedev | | Adds a printer queue device to the system.
    mkserver | | Adds a subserver definition to the subserver object class.
    mkssys | | Adds a subsystem definition to the subsystem object class.
    mksysb | | Backs up mounted file systems in the rootvg volume group for subsequent reinstallation
    mkszfile | |Records size of mounted file systems in the rootvg volume group for reinstallation
    mktcpip | | Sets the required values for starting TCP/IP on a host.
    mkuser | | Creates a new user account.
    mkuser.sys | | Customizes a new user account.
    mkvg | -y <vgname> -s <ppsize> <hdisk x> | Create a Volume Group on hdisk x
    mkvg | | Creates a volume group.
    mkvirprt | | Makes a virtual printer.
    odmadd | | Adds objects to created object classes.
    odmchange | | Changes the contents of a selected object in the specified object class.
    odmcreate | | Produces the .c (source and .h (include files necessary for ODM application development and creates empty objectclasses.
    odmdelete | | Deletes selected objects from a specified object class.
    odmdrop | | Removes an object class.
    odmget | | Retrieves objects from the specified object classes and places them into an odmadd input file.
    odmshow | | Displays an object class definition on the screen.
    pwdck | | Verifies the correctness of local authentication information.
    redefinevg | | Redefines the set of physical volumes of the given volume group in the device configuration database.
    reducevg | | Removes physical volumes from a volume group. When all physical volumes are removed from the volume group, the volume group is deleted.
    reorgvg | | Reorganizes the physical partition allocation for a volume group.
    restbase | | Restores customized information from the boot image.
    rmdel | | Removes a delta from a Source Code Control System (SCCS file)
    rmdev | | Removes a device from the system.
    rmf | | Removes folders and the messages they contain.
    rmfs | | Removes a file system.
    rmgroup | | Removes a group.
    rmitab | | Removes records in the /etc/inittab file.
    rmlv | | Removes logical volumes from a volume group.
    rmlvcopy | | Removes copies from a logical volume.
    rmm | |Removes messages.
    rmnamsv | | Unconfigures TCP/IP-based name service on a host.
    rmnotify | | Removes a notify method definition from the notify object class.
    rmprtsv | | Unconfigures a print service on a client or server machine.
    rmps | | Removes a paging space from the system.
    rmque | | Removes a printer queue from the system.
    rmquedev | | Removes a printer or plotter queue device from the system.
    rmserver | | Removes a subserver definition from the subserver object class.
    rmssys | | Removes a subsystem definition from the subsystem object class.
    rmuser | | Removes a user account.
    rmvfs | | Removes entries in the /etc/vfs file.
    rmvirprt | | Removes a virtual printer.
    runcat | | Pipes the output data from the mkcatdefs command to the gencat command.
    savebase | | Saves base customized device data in the ODM onto the boot device.
    startsrc | -s <subsystem> | Start a subsystem
    stopsrc | -s <subsystem> | Stop a subsystem
    syncvg | Synchronizes | logical volume copies that are not current
    usrck | | Verifies the correctness of a user definition.
    varyoffvg| | Deactivates a volume group.
    | <vgname> | Takes a Volume Group offline
    varyonvg | | Activates a volume group.
    | <vgname> | Puts a Volume Group online ​

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    hi simply_dba, once again an excellent thread. it is good to have a list in one place. however it would have been good if you gave a slight intro on IBM AIX and it's features and then gave the command reference, since not everyone is accustomed with AIX. just my two cents :)
  4. simply_dba

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    Kolkata, India
    That's a good idea. Let me prepare some notes on this, then i will post it.