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Agent pointing to multiple OMS

Discussion in 'Server Administration and Options' started by rahcllc13, May 10, 2013.

  1. rahcllc13

    rahcllc13 Guest

    Good afternoon all.
    Is it possible to configure an Oracle Intelligent Agent to point at more than one OMS?
    Reason for asking:
    I’m trying to build a load balanced and fault tolerant OEM solution. I have not been able to find anything on configuring the agent to look for either a backup OMS, or alternate OMS. I understand I can configure a server load balancer with multiple OMS, but how do I get around the SLB being a single point of failure? I would like to have two SLB and two OMS. One SLB and OMS local and one SLB and OMS at the remote DR site. Each SLB pointing to both OMSs, but I can’t figure out how to have the agent point to both SLBs. I also understand I can handle this by modifying the DNS entries, but I would like to have a completely automated solution, if possible.

  2. zargon

    zargon Community Moderator Forum Guru

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    Aurora, CO
    The agent 'talks' to one OMS, it can't communicate with two. You have the option of installing a second agent, on a different port, to communicate with a second OMS. I have done that before and it works well.
  3. dadbm

    dadbm Active Member

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    This is true an agent can communicate with only one OMS at the same time. However you can reconnect the same agent to another OMS when required.